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On this Page, is a selection of my Poetry and Songs.  All of my Material are my Sole Propery and are all Copyrighted in my name.  If anyone is interested in working with my Material, please contact me on the Contact Page on this site.  Thank you.

The Snow is falling, and the vicious howling Winds are calling
The Ground is covered with a White gleaming Sheet
In this freezing cold Weather there are several Cars stalling
The humming sound of Monsters - Snowplows devouring the Snow in the Street
You can hear the laughter of the Children as they play in the Snow
Making Snowballs that they throw at each other
The Trees are heavy-laden, and they sway to and fro
Shimmering Daggers of Ice hang down - a scene that makes you shudder
The Rivers and Strems all turn to Ice
Time to bring out the Skates and try to make a Figure eight
If you happen to fall, you have to pay the Price
Some Skaters glide with ease, with others, it just is not their fate.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Congratulations - it's a Boy!
He's quite a bundle of joy
Congratulations - it's a Girl!
So precious and beautiful like a Genuine Pearl
Why not have Three, Four, or maybe Five more!
These Children are so precious - why keep score?
These innocent tiny Infants are a gift from the good Lord up above
He wants us to bring them up in a home with a binding Love
The Parents are so proud of the Creation they brought into the World
As they carefully unwrap the tiny Blanket, a joyous Wonder is unfurled
As the days go by, you give them the care and the Love they need
You make sure to get them Baptized because it is a Religious Creed
Millions of God's Children are mistreated and unloved
It's never too late to Pray for forgiveness from up above
Think back to the excitement that you shared at their Birth
What now - do you think - their life would be worth
We all should treat our Children with tenderness and an abiding Love
Enjoy their smiling faces which are pure as a Snow-White Dove
Make it a Rule to be the best Guardian you can be
Be there when they need you.  Be the best that you can be!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Oh, my beautiful Butterfly - spread your Wings and fly!
Flutter your Wings of illustrious grandeur in the Powder Blue Sky
You are a Symbol of Love - just like the Snow-White Dove
I enjoy the splendor of your freedom as you fly high above
Even though you are an Insect, you have a special place on Earth
Among all different Species, you stand out over all for your beauty of Birth
You bring Lustre of Color to the Trees and the Grass
Come, fly into my hands, and I will protect you and keep you safe from all harm,
And like a Guardian Angel with her Wings spread - your beauty will last.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

One day, I was born in a World that was strange to me
I remember seeing loving, smiling faces, shining ever so brightly
And some warm and tender Arms holding me ever so tightly
As I became Older, I grew to know my Mother and Father who loved me so,
And a wonderful Sister who was so kind
As long as I may live, I would never want her to leave my mind
When I grew Older and went to School, I found out that people can be heartless and cruel
Especially during my Teenage Years when I remember shedding a lot of tears
I was happy the day that I graduated, thinking that I was finally free,
Then when I became Twenty-One, my Father died and I learned once more how cruel life can be
My Mother's true love was taken that day
I did my best to comfort and console her
But what I had done just was not enough, her mind was confused and felt like giving up altogether
Outside forces came and took her from me,
And I was waving goodbye to her as they drove her away;
I felt so alone and the Sky seemed so Gray
My Sister came to my side feeling sad and Blue
After we both shed our tears which were rolling down our face
She took me to live with her and her Family
So I would not feel out of place
After awhile, I set out on my own, to face the big World and all that was in it
Little did I know I would be stepped on like a Stone
I wandered and roamed looking for the right Man in my life,
I though I had found him and I became his Wife
He was also heartless and cruel to me
I have been unloved and abused
I've had all I can do to keep my sanity
I go on in my life being so confused
At the beginning of our love for each other
I conceived for him a beautiful Son
I think over the Years when we had a lot of fun,
When we were informed of our Son being Mentally Retarded it left my Husband and I stunned
I have always done my best to give him the love and care he has needed
There were times that my heart would stop beating;
Like the times he would get hurt or when he went to School and would be mistreated
There are times i would like to spread my Wings and fly
High above to the Kingdom in the Sky,
But, I continue with my life, with heartache and strife,
And someday, this Family of God will have a chance to see their destiny
I have had a lot taken away from me and under a lot of pressure
But, what makes up for all of that - is,
I thank God for what I have, especially the gift of His Love and the pleasure of knowing that He is my strength and my happiness !!!!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

A World of horror - a World of Hell
I Pray - "God help me break out of this Shell!"
Tall Brick Walls that entrap and surround me
The Sky seems so Gray - it's no longer Blue
The Corridors are long-winding and hollow
I wonder if I'll live to see Tomorrow
The Interns treat me so mean and cruel
It's like fighting an invisible Duel
The days seem so long and never-ending
To the ticking of the Clock - my mind is surrendering
The Screams of Torture that always engulf me with fear
Closing in - ever so near
I wonder what is on the other side of this Wall
Out there in that World I can't seem to recall
Was there a loved one that sat by my side?
Did we love one another or shed tears as we cried?
I wait impatiently for an inspiring Letter
To cheer me up and help me get better
I dream for the day that my mind will be free
To unlock these bad memories and finally be me!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Thousands of decent poeple are poor and living on the Street
Compassion Centers with wholesome Food for people to come and eat
Wandering and wondering where they are going to sleep
It's Winter - temperatures below Zero and the Snow is 10" deep
Every day and night - living in constant fear of being killed
They walk for hours seeking a Shelter - only to find it already filled
They have been ridiculed and feel so forlorn
Their Clothes - like their hearts - are shattered and torn
The body is weak and in so much pain - it's hard to survive
No one knows from one day to the next, if they'll be dead or alive
We need to have compassion in our hearts and lend a helping hand
Invite them in your Home - Shelter them, and let them know there is a Promise Land.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Indiana is a State mostly for Tourists - with it's tall Buildings, Monuments and Floral Displays
For the Residents that walk the Streets every day and night, it seems like a never-ending maze
The Agencies with their deceitful ways, reel you in as if you were Shark's Bait
With their big loud mouth and clenched fists - they attack you - get out before it's too late!
If you are Rich, the State of Indiana will wait on you hand and foot
If you are Poor or Low-Income, such as my Husband and I, they'll give you the Boot
They don't want to listen to our problems, hardships and strife
They close their doors to people in desperate need of Emergency Money, Food, and a chance to have a more abundant life
I am Disabled and cannot work because of my Physical and Mental Health
I will never have a chance to experience the meaning of the word Wealth
All the Disabled and Handicapped people - let us bond together and speak up for our rights!
We have to stop them from destroying our lives, hurting our feelings and taking the Clothes off our Backs!
We need to keep banging on their doors til' they open up and get them to help us with our plights!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

This is dedicated to my Son, George.
My beloved Son, I love you, oh, so much
I miss your smile and your tender touch
You're a fine young Man and have always tried to do your best
You have so many good Talents with which you have been blessed
I remember the times when we did fun things together;
Like going to a Restaurant and being at the Movies during Stormy Weather
We went shopping together at least once a week
I always conforted you on the days that were bleak
I always praised you on all the Grades you got in School
I made sure to dress you warm when it was cool
Sometimes, you would get hurt in School - which stabbed me like a Knife
You have been, and always will be, everything in my life!
When you became Sixteen, you joined the Young Marines
You looked so courageous and refined when you were wearing your Greens
When you marched in the Parades, you stood so tall and proud
I was so proud of you the way you stood out from the Crowd
I still have all the Pictures of you and the Hat to your Dress Uniform that you wore when you held the Rank of Private First Class
The Buttons on your Uniform shining of Polished Brass
All of these precious moments will be deep within my heart
Hopefully, someday, in the future, we will be able to make a brand new start
No matter what the future holds for us behind that closed door,
Please remember Son, my door will always be open to you, and I will love you forever more!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

When will this pain end?!
It's a large part of my everyday life - I'm afraid there will be Paralysis - I Pray for strength to the good Lord my closest Friend
Like a Toddler, I take one step at a time and hope that I don't fall
At times when my legs and back have lost their support, I end up having to crawl
I ask the Lord to walk with me and help me get to my destination
While I'm in Church, I thank Him for me being His Creation
It is my Faith in God that keeps me from the thought of giving up
He loves me and reaches out to me when my every moment gets extra tough
I thank the Lord every day for my Husband, Michael who gives me his support and an everlasting love
I'm always struggling - fighting with this painful torture that overcomes me
I need healing from the good Lord up above
Michael is so filled with compassion - he wipes away my tears when I'm in extreme pain
He helps me to have an outlook of a bright future, and, we both will have a lot to gain.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I feel honored to know a special Couple - their names are Leah and Bill
They are a fine looking Couple and they have a strong will
Their Love for each other is everlasting and divine
Like Diamonds all aglow - the gleam on their faces will forever shine
The Butterfly is a Symbol of Love
On the day they took their Wedding Vows, they were specially blessed by the good Lord up above
When they look into each other's eyes and say, I Love You,
Their hearts beating fast - their lips meet with a kiss that is tender and filled with love so true.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Thousands of people get killed in the Streets every day
The Murderers, like packs of Wolves, go stalking out their Prey
Most of them are on Drugs like Cocaine, their minds in outer Space
Sometimes thay get rid of the bodies, so there is no evidence left to trace
It's a constant Rat Race - with so much destruction taking place
Women and Children are being beaten and they have a badly bruised face
They live in constant fear of their cruel Abusers
In front of their House, you will see many Cruisers
Several Women are Sexually Abused and Raped
They lay there so helpless while the Assailant has escaped
It's a dreadful tragedy to happen in a Woman's life
Sometimes, they lie in a Pool of Blood, from being stabbed with a Knife
The small, helpless Children that are unloved and abused
Gon in their lives being tortured and confused
God reaches out to them and tells them - "Do not be afraid"
I shall save you from all this harm and charade
I Pray every day the World will be a safer place to reside
In my Prayers are those who have suffered and died
Hopefully, someday, Justice will be done
The Criminals will get their punishment due and the War of Crime we'll have won.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Valentine's Day is such a special day for me
I have a Man who loves me very dearly
He is so wonderful and refined
And happiness forever we both will find
The day he came into my life, I was so filled with joy
The love in my heart that I felt for him was real
For the first time in my life, I was not played with like a Toy
My loving, joy-filled heart he did steal
He has spent these years with me being ever so kind
We have shared our responsibilities and sometimes we get in a bind
But, we go on in our lives with strong Faith in God
And we stick together like two Peas in a pod
I have never felt so happy and so inspired
Michael, the man I love is in my heart every day of my life
My beauty and radiance he has always admired
And someday, in the future, I will become his Wife
We will both love and cherish each other all our days
We will always help each other climb those steep Stairways
We will love each other for Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness and in Health
And the gift of love from God is our most precious Valentine's Day gift of Wealth.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I lived in "torture" for Seventeen Years!
I was Married to a man who abused me all the time
He'd laugh as he beat me up, and left me lying on the floor in tears
He belonged behind bars - the things he did to me were such a Crime
When I went to my Doctor for a physical Exam,
He was very disturbed by seeing the Black and Blues all over my body
I had gotten to feel like I was a battering Ram
I had several Emotional Breakdowns by the time I turned Forty
When I was Thirty Six Years old, I was struck down by a Car
I already had two Steel Rods in my spine, and I almost lost my Right Leg which was crushed
When I came Home from the Hospital in a Wheelchair, he threw me to the floor, and abused me til' he left a Scar
Before it was too late, I called a Lawyer, and a Divorce was discussed
My Husband, George, was such a vicious Animal - always mean and cruel
Whenever he would have the chance, he would hit me with a Tool
I have left him, and now I have a chance to survive
I thank God every day for being alive!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron
Author's Note:  I want everyone to know, that the main reason I stayed with my Husband, George, was because we had a beautiful Son.  Because of Family matters he was taken away from me, and was made a Ward Of The State.  I miss my Son so much!  Please Pray for my Son and I, that , Someday, we will be reunited.

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