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On this page, I am displaying several selections of my Poetry and Songs.  All my Material are my Sole Property and are all Copyrighted in my Name.  If anyone is interested in working with any of my Material, please contact me on the Contact Page of this site.  Thank you!

I can feel the Inspiration and the healing of "God's Amazing Grace"
I am longing for the day to be with Him and see His glorious face
I live my life for Him every day
Forever by my side - He will stay
He gives me strength when I'm feeling weak
And brightens my days that start out bleak
I will always raise up my heart in prayer to Him all my life
He will wipe away my tears that I shed from heartache and strife
I will forever sing and rejoice and praise my Lord's name
He will be my feet and legs, if I should ever be lame
Even though things may be blurred, He is my sight
I believe in Him and His ways - He will always be my guiding light.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

God sent His only begotten Son to save the World from corruption and Sin
With the Lord by our side, we will never lose a battle - we will always win
He is kind and merciful and is slow to anger
He watches over us and protects us from all harm and danger
Let us lift up our voices and sing and rejoice!
Between good or bad - we must make a choice
Let us strive to be good - help our Lord be content with us
Open up our hearts to Him in prayer and dedication, and when troubles arise - let us not complain or fuss
His Son, Jesus was crucified because of hateful people that wrongly judged Him
He was without Sin, yet they cast stones at Him - during this time, life must have looked so dim
I tremble when I think about the torture He went through
His heart bleeding - the halo of thorns upon His head - the wounds left from the nails in His hands and feet - the pain that He bore for me and for you
Let us kneel down before Him and show Him that we care
Read the Bible to your Children, and let them know that our Heavenly Father is everywhere!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Father in Heaven, I love Thee dearly now and forever
You have been my strength through all my pain and suffering
I kneel to you in reverence and adoration of you
Thou art so great! I shed tears of remembrance of your suffering for me
Forgive me Father - for I am a Sinner - my soul aches for your Mercy
I tremble from head to toe when I see you nailed to the Cross
No one could ever endure the suffering that you went through on the day you carried your Cross on that long and rocky road
The drops of blood that flow from your heart are the tears that I shed for you
Thorns were your halo - oh, the pain you must have endured!
Thank you, Father in Heaven for loving me and for being at my side all the days of my life
I pray that I will be a person worthy of your Promise of Eternal Life - where there is no more pain and suffering - but only tears of joy and singing and praising my God forever!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

"Rejoice!" "Sing praises to our Lord!"
 Bless the sand where His feet have trod
 Come together in unity with God and one another
 Look at each other as your Sister or Brother
"Denounce Satan and all his evil works!"
 Be alert and watchful for places where he lurks
 Enrich your souls with Love and Compassion and shake each other's hand
"Peace be with you!" "Gather round in friendship and together we will stand!"
"Be forgiving!" "Do not be hateful - open up your heart!"
"We must pray together!" "Don't ever go astray or cause us to be apart!"
 God will not turn away - He watches over us and keeps us from harm
 When we are depressed and under stress, He helps us stay calm
"Parents, love your Children!" "They're a precious gift from God!"
 Do not abuse or neglect them.  For all their good deeds they deserve an Award
 The Lord is our Shepherd and we are all His sheep
 He will help us climb that Mountain - no matter how steep!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Jesus is our salvation! He watches over us day and night!
Denounce Satan! God will help us win the fight!
Put your hands together and sing, "Hosanna In The Highest!"
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, "Hosanna In The Highest!"
Start every day with a prayer to our Lord!
Let us follow His footsteps where He has trod!
Shed your tears! He died for us and was nailed to a Cross!
Glorify Him! He shed tears of blood, oh, what a loss!
Dance with joy - He is at our side forever
Time is precious, He helps us with our every endeavor
He is our guiding light that shines on us from up above
He will lift us up to Heaven and fill us with His Eternal Love.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

He is risen, Alleluia!
He has come to save the World from corruption and Sin
With Him by our side, we will always win!
His abiding Love will be forever with us
He is always Merciful and Gracious
Let us kneel before Him, Alleluia!
He is our shining light from above
He sends us His everlasting Love on the wings of a Dove
Knock on His door, He will always be there waiting for you to call on Him
Open your Bibles and read His true words, and your days will never be glim
We all pray for the day when we will see Him face to face
His arms will enfold us in His Mercy and Grace
We will praise Him forever, and joyful Songs we will sing
The rest of our days, we will be praying and rejoicing.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I love my God, my Church, my Holy Family, and my Country which has been endowed with such beauty and love
When I lift my heart in prayer to my Lord, He sends down His Spirit and radiance in the form of a Snow-White Dove
My heart weeps for the people(especially those Families in my Church - The Good Shepherd Catholic Church) that suffer with the agony of Cancer
Every time I see them, I reach out my arms and envelope them with a hug, and during Mass, I say some special prayers for them to find an inspiring answer.
My God - He is so great and Merciful!
I use to be in a Wheelchair because my legs did not have strength enough to walk
My Lord has lifted me up out of the Chair on wheels
I can take every step with pride knowing that he is my Rock
I will be forever grateful all my days, and I will shout to the World of the goodness of the Lord!
I am so happy to be able to follow the path that He has trod!
I conquered all my pain and suffering with the Love and comfort from my Lord, my loving Husband, Michael, and all my Holy Family!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I never walk alone - my Lord is always by my side
I have nothing to fear - I don't have to hide
I, in my Wheelchair - God is my perfect guide
I can feel the presence of His every step and stride
There are no sidewalks on the Street where I live - every day my life is at risk
It's Winter, it's cold and the howling wind is brisk
I shiver all over - my back is in extreme pain with two steel rods in my Spine which I have from a Ruptured Disc
My legs and feet are numb.  I don't want to be crippled, but, I think to myself - it's much to realistic
My loving Husband, Michael gives me a lot of love and support every day and night
He hugs me and comforts me when I'm shedding tears with pain which is my constant battle to fight
Like the rays of Sunshine, he makes my life worth living, and he helps me through my plight
I thank God every day for all parts of my body and pray that I never lose my eyesight.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

The Lord sends down from Heaven a special Guardian Angel to watch over us and keep us safe from harm
A Guardian Angel is for all of us - Young and Old - they are so holy with the halos above their heads and they are so blessed with an over abundance of charm
I love the Garments they wear and their wings which spread out so far
Look up to Heaven above and make a wish upon a Star
Whenever we're in trouble, our Angel is always there
Just open your hearts and call to them - they will be with you when you're shedding tears of despair
Be happy - put a smile on your face - your Guardian Angel is walking by your side
Believe in God and obey His Ten Commandments, and you will receive your wings and with him forever you shall abide.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 We adorn our Christmas Tree with "Heaven's Little Angels"
 Ornaments of Bells, Stars, Lights and Bangles
"Gentle Guardians" watch over our Home and keep us safe from harm
 They are so beautiful with an everflowing charm
 These sweet, precious Angels with lifelike "feather" wings
 The beauty and radiance which each one of them brings
 Their wings, satiny to the touch, give them Heavenly flight
 Wearing Snow-White Gowns that are luminous to your sight
These radiant Angel Children whose innocence and purity shine in their eyes
Have descended down from the Heavenly Skies
The "Heavely Little Angels" are sure to win your heart
Look for them in the Store and add them to your shopping cart.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

She is our Advocate to turn to in prayer
She opens up her heart to us when we are in despair
She is always there with her loving and kind ways
She is so blessed with God's Mercy and Love which she so graciously portrays
Holding baby Jesus - our Newborn King - in her arms
We all rejoice, open our hearts to Him and sing Psalms
Our Blessed Mother is a special Image to behold
She is always standing by with her arms unfold
Her face is so pure - her eyes are so Blue - they glisten
Her voice is so heart-warming - to her words we should listen
Kneel down before her with reverence and an open heart
While shedding tears - ask for her forgiveness before you depart.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 I read my Holy Bible every day
 I get down on my knees and pray
"God give me patience, I do not want to go astray."
 Walk by my side, and help me accept my sacrifices come what may
 I feel so depressed, and my mind is so confused
 Who can I trust, except for the Lord? I feel as though I'm being used
 My emotions overwhelm me - my heart has been badly bruised
 Memories of my past remind me of when I was always abused
 Holding my Bible close to my heart, I can feel the presence of the Lord
 He gives me strength to struggle through each day - Thanks be to God!
 I follow in His footsteps, and his Love is my reward
 His Spiritual Grace and Mercy are my best Award
 With God by my side - I have nothing to fear!
 He is always there to comfort me when I shed a tear
 He never will forsake me, and His words are so sincere
"My Saviour", if you should ever want me - I will be here.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

God loves us - one and all!
He is our Shepherd - we should answer to His call
Pray to Him for strength to endure all of life's stress and pain
Live one day at a time and live it to the fullest - you will have a lot to gain
Even though we may go astray, the good Lord holds us close to His heart
Kneel down and repent for forgiveness of all your Sins and make a brand new start
We must pray for all the "lost souls" who are seeking for Love, Mercy, and Friendship with our Lord
When you see these lonely people, invite them to worship in the House of God.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Help save our World, dear Lord, I pray
Millions of people are dying from starvation every day
The Bomb Explosions that blow bodies apart
Women and Children shedding tears from a broken heart
The tiny, sparkling eyes of Children seeing their World that is filled with hatred and despair
Sometimes, we wonder to ourselves - "Doesn't anybody care?"
We need a stronger Nation to help us win the rivalry
We have God by our side to keep our Country free
Our Flag of Star and Stripes waves forever for Thee
O'er the beautiful Land and the mighty Sea
I'm proud to be an American in a Country I know I'm free
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I'm shedding tears of glee
We need to aid the Families of all our Servicemen
They ask for our support and prayers and try to protect their Children
Let us bond together, hold hands and pray, and soon the battle will be won! AMEN.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Some say that Angels do not exist
Nor are they sent from God
Others claim that they've been kissed
From the greatest King - our Lord!
We all would like to be in touch
With the feelings in our hearts
It really wouldn't take that much
Believe in one another for starts
Believe that people see such things
And listen as they speak
Believe that Birds can fly on wings
With strong and crooked beaks
We all keep secrets deep within
Of how we really feel
Although we think it would be a Sin
Our secrets to reveal
I do believe in Angels from above
I know that Jesus dies for all of us
God has taught us all to love
He made us from the purest dust.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Let us follow in Jesus's footsteps - He is our Leader and our guiding light
He is always with us - our Star - shining ever so bright
Living every day is so worthwhile
He will walk with you - every step - every mile
Sing and rejoice, and praise our Lord every day!
Kneel down, and take out time to pray
He is our Shepherd, always watching over His flock
He will always open His door to you - all you need to do - is knock
Come and worship with me in the House of the Lord
He is our strength, our Staff and our Rod
We will all meet each other in His Kingdom up above
And we will be forever adorned with God's Love
Sing and rejoice, and praise our Lord every day!
Kneel down, and take out time to pray
Let Him come into your Soul and your loving heart
Be united with Him, and you both will never part.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

"We must lift up our hearts to the Lord in prayer,
 And pray for Peace, everywhere!"
 There is too much violence and crime in the street
 Our Children must be saved from all harm and deceit
"We must stand firm with one another, and help God save this World!"
 Our enemies, we must encounter with arms unfurled
 They also are created equal, but, they have fallen into an endless pit
 Their hearts are heavy-laden with the evil destruction that devours them, so, they
 become desperate
"Behold!" "We must congregate, and preach the word of the Lord!"
 Set a good example for our emenies by helping them open their hearts and 
 And listen to the voice of God.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

My close and dearest Friend is the good Lord up above
He sends down His Love on the wings of a Dove
When I am depressed or feeling Blue
He lifts up my Spirits and my troubles are few
He is always walking by my side
With every step and every stride
If I happen to stumble and fall
He will pick me up and help me stand tall
I go through every day of my life with strong faith in God
I always do what I can to take out time to praise my Lord
When the Skies are dark and Gray, He is my guiding light
Every Evening, I make wishes on the Stars that shine so bright
On the day of Jan. 15, 1985, a day I will never forget - I got struck by a Car
I lay there in the street in a state of shock and I saw the Image of Jesus - who is my shining Star
I thought my World had come to an end,
But, my Saviour saved me and gave me strength to go on,
And that is why, He will always be my Close And Dearest Friend.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Lenten Season is a special time for all
We get ourselves prepared for forgiveness from our Lord
We dedicate our time to prayer and waiting for His call
There is not doubt in my mind - He is our one, true God
Jesus is our Ruler and his Kingdom has no end
Even though we may not abide by His Rules, He will always be our closest friend
Everyone! Lift your hearts in prayer!
Rejoice! Dance with joy - God's Grace and Love is everywhere!
Kneel down in prayer and ask the Lord to have Mercy on us
His Love is Divine - He is slow to anger - He is kind and gracious
He suffered and died for us to save the World from Sin
Tears roll down my cheeks when I see how He's bled for me, and I will purify my Soul and will forever praise Him.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

"Come inside the House of the Lord," "All are welcome in this place!"
 All people are our Sisters and Brothers, in whom you'll see our Saviour's face
 Let us worship together every day and sing and rejoice
 Between good and evil - our Lord is our choice!
"Let's hold hands while in prayer to our Lord!"
 Lift up our hearts of Love and sincerity to our Blessed Saviour, our one, true God
 Listen reverently to the word of the Lord
 And follow in His footsteps - where His feet have trod
"Pray for Peace and Unity among all Nations!"
 Remember to keep in touch with all of your Relations
 Do not be ashamed to shed a tear, there will always be someone nearby to 
 comfort you
 If we should ever go astray, our Lord will not forsake us - His Love for us is
 everlasting and true.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Listen to Children as they play
Or to Babies in their cribs they lay
Very tiny with hearts so pure
Ever so precious and oh, so sure
Many grow up and go their way
A Family they'll raise and have their say
Keeping thoughts of their Parents - either mean or kind
Eventually molds a pattern within their mind
So they can copy or change the kind of Adults they'll be
Tempers fly in Homes where God cannot be their Destiny
His presence denied by Parents that have no care
Evil reigns here - they drink and they swear
When Children grow up in Homes full of Sin
Or Orphans who know not who is the next of their Kin
Rebelling is natural for so many Children like this
Love they know not, nor a Mother's tender kiss
Demons possess them - and cause them to hate
God hears all their Prayers - it is never too late
Or tears that they shed in the dead of the Night
Rebound in His Glory, His Love and His Might
Oh, Children of God, both Young and quite Old
Understand that He loves you - He knows why your're bold
Now is the time - to seek your reward
Denounce evil Satan - and come Home to God!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

"Sing to the Lord" every day, Alleluia!"
"Kneel down on your knees and pray, Alleluia!"
 Knock on His door, and he will open it up to you
 He will comfort you and be your Friend your whole life through
"Sing to the Lord" every day, Alleluia!"
"Praise Him with Lutes and Harps - the musical way, Alleluia!"
 Let your heart sing with joy to the Heavens above
 He will send down to you - His everlasting Love
"Sing to the Lord" every day, Alleluia!
"He will be by your side always - so you don't go astray, Alleluia!"
 When you're troubled and feeling Blue
 He will enfold you in His arms - your worries will be few
"Sing to the Lord" every day, Alleluia!"
"Come worship and congragate with one another always, Alleluia!"
 The Sun is shining - there's a Rainbow sprayed across the Sky
 We look forward to seeing our Saviour face to face - there will be no reason to
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 Every Morning, we wake up thanking God for a beautiful new day
 During hardships and sorrow, by our side, He will always stay
 Lift your hearts in Prayer and Song to Him
 He is our guiding light, our days no longer look grim
 When we are troubled and shedding tears
 You can hear God's voice, whispering, "I will protect you from your fears."
 He sends down our Guardian Angel to enfold us with their loving care
 With them anomg us, life is so much easier to bear
 God enfolds us with His everlasting Love and Mercy
 He feeds us when we are hungry and gives us drink when we are thirsty
 He hears our every Prayer and blesses each one of us every day
 The Sun will shine through, the Sky will no longer be Gray
"Always remember, our Lord will never forsake us!"
"He is very forgiving and he is so Gracious!"
 He will always take us to His heart and say His words that are true
"Do Not Be Afraid, I Am Always With You!"
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

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