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On this page, I am displaying selections of my Poetry and Songs.  All of this Material is my Sole Property and is all Copyrighted in my name.  If anyone is interested in wanting to make a Song from my Works, please contact me on the Contact Page.  Thank you!

This Song will be released to the Public in the near future.
Time is never-ending
At intervals, it seems as though it's suspending
It's made up of hours, minutes, and seconds which is constantly ticking away
After twenty-four hours have passed by, then begins a brand new day
The most glorious time is when we'll see our Blessed Saviour face to face
Time can be a blessing but, it can also be a curse
It can make life prosper or definitely make it worse
The clock alarm helps us to rise out of bed to work eight hours a day
Among all the hassle, we should take time out to pray
Time differentiates between day and night
As for the future - it's far out of sight
In the evening we go to bed and say our prayers
While we are sleeping, we may have some fearful nightmares
Time is a constant battle, trying to pur us off our guard
To achieve our goals, we must work real hard
We must stay alert to all the evil destruction taking place
The World's values are deteriorating at a much faster pace
When the Earth's time has stopped ticking and there is nothing left to trace
The most glorious time is when we'll see our Blessed Saviour face to face.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I love the World that God has created.
Everything is so beautiful in it's own special way
It is all so worthwhile to look out my window every day
I look up above to see the Sky that is so, Azure Blue
And some clear weather clouds which are only a few
The trees are so tall reaching up to the Heavens above
And the Lord sends down His Love on the wings of a Dove
From the warmth of the Sunshine comes leaves on the tree's branches which are Emerald Green
Than, when Autumn comes and the leaves change their Colors, oh, what a beautiful sight to be seen
The Streams and Rivers are so quiet and serene
Like the hollow echo in a ravine
The Fish that swim the Oceans and the Deep Blue Sea
Are always a beautiful, fascinating sight to see
The Waters will always be their domain
They swim so swiftly in the Currents caused by the surface rain
The Mountains which are covered in Crystal-like Snow
Which shine like millions of diamonds all aglow
It's enjoyable to the Skiers while on their vacation
And sometimes, they can feel the Mountain's vibration.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 She stands there tall and proud with torch in hand
 We all should pray for Peace and a better Promise Land
 Liberty means Freedom for all the Hostages and Refugees
 The Congress needs to put their heads together and work hard at using better 
"Our World is falling apart!" "We must rebuild and repair!"
"Who can we trust?!" "We are all confused and in despair!"
"We must stand together - as one - and put our faith in God!"
 Work at building a brighter  horizon and the Freedom to go abroad
 The Statue of Liberty also stands for Justice and Tranquility
 We should all be included - even though we may have a Disability
 She stands for Freedom of Speech - a right to be heard
 Today's rules and regulations are so unfair and absurd
 The torch's flame is the light of the World
"Stop all the fighting and come together with arms unfurled!"
"We must end corruption and all the murder that takes place!"
"Let us all strive to make the World full of Righteousness and no room for
 By: Shirley Ruth Caron

God made such a beautiful World.
The bright Colors and aromatic splendor of Flowers
The cheerful singing of the Birds and fluttering of their wings while in flight
The Mountains which stand tall - overlooking the wondrous Earth below
The Oceans, Rivers, and Streams with the sound of rippling Water and the force of the high majestic waves
The beautiful, clear Blue Sky with Sunlight that brightens our days
The sound of the rain beating against my window pane
The rains that help our Flowers to grow and the Crops which prosper to feed the hungry
The dark Sky of the night which is filled with Stars that sparkle like diamonds
The trees with their branches swaying to and fro and tops reaching up to Heaven above
The Churches where people go to congregate and worship the lord.
I see these things clearly in my mind, but, I am losing my eyesight
I lift up my heart in prayer to my Lord, and I hear His voice, saying: "Be not afraid - I will aid you in this plight."
I envision my Lord holding me in His arms - knowing that He will always be my Guiding Light.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

There should be "Justice for all" in our World today
Lord, look down upon this Nation and keep it free from War and dismay
We all should thank God for America's renewal and rebirth
Let us work hard at achieving our goal of unity of people here on Earth
We should have a right to speak and be heard
All our views are important - listen to every word
Why is all this evil destruction taking place?
We must take a stand so that our World will be free from disgrace
Our Flag of Stripes and Stars is a beautiful sight to see!
It stands for Freedom - let all the Hostages be set free
Our Nation is strong and fights for what is right
Another missile sent out into Space - like a Bird in flight
We are afraid to walk the streets because we may get shot
The History of our Nation is like a Novel without a plot
There is a lot of conflict - can we believe what we are told?
We all think to ourselves - "What does the future hold?"
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Nature's beauty often speaks to us in whispers.
Scanning the clear Lake below, an Eagle glides in silence
Soaring higher than the Snow-capped Peaks, a "Mountain Monarch" rides the currents shimmering with defiance
Silhouetted by the brilliant Sun, a "Soaring Sovereign" chases the thunder
As he becomes aware of the spell that he's under
With a flourish of its massive wings, the "Forest Sentinel" cuts through the morning fog
He swoops down, and with his strong talons, he perches on a water log
Imagine the drifting layers of mist hovering low to the ground in the pre-dawn hours
See the Earth surrounded by these Eagles and their majestic powers
Ancient Mountains strive to touch the clouds, while above it all, Eagles soar silently with wide spread wings
You can hear the Spirit of the forest as it sings
The Eagle remains an enduring Symbol of Freedom, Strength and Glory
All these Wonders of the "Masters Of The Sky" are portrayed in this Story.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I start my day with an opening prayer - "Our Father ."
My blessed Saviour listens ever reverently to my words
Outside, I can hear the voices of beautiful Colored Birds
I look out my window and see the rays of Sunshine
All of these things start my day out oh, so fine
I go for a walk downtown and shop around in the Stores
My life in the past, I experienced a lot of closed doors
Now things are more worthwhile to move on ahead
I no longer cry those lonesome tears that I use to shed
From the fears and abusive treatment that I no longer dread
A man named Michael came into my life
Someday, I plan on becoming his Wife
Our love for each other is everlasting and divine
I'm glad to know he'll always be mine
My man he is so wonderful and ever so kind
Eternal happiness and love we will find
Through him the Lord has shown me a better way
And now Michael and I will have a brighter new day.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

It is such an exciting time in my life
Every day making plans to become Michael's Wife
I dream of walking down the aisle
and I will be displaying such a beautiful warm smile
The Wedding Gown will be Satin, and adorned with Sequins and Lace
The Bridal Veil will be a Crown of Jewels with the Veil draped over my face
The train of the Gown will be Chapel length attached on with a gorgeous bow
When I look in the mirror, I will be a vision all aglow
My Bridal Bouquet will be made up of Pink Carnations and Roses that smell so fine
The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor will be wearing Royal Blue Satin Gowns - they will be looking so divine
The distinguished Groom will be wearing a Black Tux with a matching Vest
This will be the most important day in our lives, and we will want to look our best
On the day of the Wedding, Michael and I will say our Vows and be united as one
Together, we will find Eternal happiness, and we will see the rays of the rising Sun
Michael and I will always be a perfect pair
For the rest of our lives, our Love will be a treasure that we both will share.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

There are Millions of people that suffer from different types of Diseases
Because of everyone not being watchful and protective, the number of Sufferers increases
A lot of research has been done, but, sometimes, it's just not enough
Every day, going on in life is just too rough
Thank God, there's a Cure for Diseases of Young and Old
Some people get left out because of not enough money - so it's been told
If this is the case, let us reach into our pockets and our Bank Accounts and give as much as we can
It's everyone's thoughts and prayers that count - so they can have a longer life span
Researchers - "Please work harder to find a Cure!"
When this Miracle occurs, everyone's outlook on life won't be so obscure
All of us can win this battle that attacks our bodies and minds
We must keep praying for Cures of all kinds.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Thousands of decent people are poor and living on the Street
Compassion Centers with wholesome food for people to come and eat
Wandering and wondering where they are going to sleep
It's Winter - temperatures below Zero and the Snow is 10" deep
Every day and night - living in constant fear of being killed
They walk for hours seeking a Shelter - only to find it already filled
They have been ridiculed and feel so forlorn
Their Clothes - like their hearts - are shattered and torn
The body is weak and in so much pain - it's hard to survive
No one knows from one day to the next if they'll be dead or alive
We need to have compasion in our hearts and lend a helping hand
Invite them in your Home - Shelter them, and let them know there is a Promise Land.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I'm proud to be an American
In a Country I know I'm free
I believe in Truth, Justice and Tranquility
The Eagle - a Symbol of Freedom, soars high above
The foam-crest waves of the Sea
I say the Pledge of Allegiance with dignity and pride
I pray for all our Servicemen that have died
A tear rolling down my cheek, shows the emotion that I feel
While in silence, I can hear a Church bell peal
The Statue of Liberty is admired by one and all
With torch in hand, she answers to her call
The Eternal flame so radiant - lighting the way for the World
Standing majestic with her arms unfurled
Everyone, pray with me for peace and unity
God will help us win the fight - we will love one another,
And we will share our blessings with humanity
Always remember - let us call one another Sister and Brother.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

This is a Song that will be released to the Public in the near future.
The Sun shines bright with it's Golden Hue
It's domain is the Sky, so Azure Blue
The Mountains with their majestic peaks stretching towards the heavens above,
Soaring high above the Earth is a Snow-White Dove
The unrelenting Ocean with it's never-ending tide
As each rushes into shore, against the boulders it does collide
The depths of the Sea is the Fish's domain
In this fluid wonderland they will always remain
The trees stand tall and their branches sway to and fro
During the Winter, it is a sight to behold when they are draped with Snow
In Autumn, the leaves are speckled with Amber, Brown and Red
Slowly, through the Season, the leaves begin to shed.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

AMERICA! AMERICA! Flags of Freedom wave everywhere for Thee!
The Statue of Liberty - She stands proud lighting the way to Truth, Justice, and Tranquility!
The spacious fields of Golden Corn and Amber Whet
Which the Farmers grow in abundance for people all over the World to eat
The foam-crest waves that seperate the Seas from the Lands
The Earth rotates as it grows and expands
The Heavens above open up to skies of Blue and a mixture of Grays
God spreads his Mercy upon all of us with the Sunshine's rays
The Constellation of Stars that shine an everlasting light
Amidst all of this - the Moon that adorns the Sky at night
The Mountains with majestic peaks - some which are draped with Snow
Let us stand together in unity and love for one another
Rejoice! Everyone thank the Lord for the Freedom and beauty of our World
and work hard at making Peace and Harmony grow.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

The days seem longer, and I am filled with despair
My nights are fearful - I cannot sleep
Tossing and turning, the throbbing pain in my head is so hard to bear
Bad memories of abuse from my past, into my dreams they dare to creep
I cry out in my sleep - "Please don't hurt me!"
Those clenched fists kept punching me all over
Shedding tears, my body was in extreme agony
The weight of my past lay heavy on my shoulder
Like a vicious Animal, he was attacking me
I cried out in fear, "Stay away from me, don't hit me anymore!"
His wild eyes stared into mine as he abused me sexually
I screamed out in pain - "God, deliver me from this torture!"
While tossing and turning, I fell off the bed onto the floor
I suddenly awoke and laid there trembling with fear
I sat up crying - my body feels so sore
Now, to revive - until I am asleep again - when that vicious Animal will reappear.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 Lying motionless in my bed,
 I did not know what lies ahead
 It seemed like an Eternity til' my spasmed body came back to life
 A sudden surge coursed through my heart, slicing like a knife
 While in agony, I recited a silent prayer,
"God be my guiding light, and bring me out of this moment of despair!"
 Confused, bewildered, I wondered - "Where am I?"
 Trembling with fear, my emotions overwhelmed me, and I started to cry
 I felt the sudden presence of someone in the room
 My tear-filled eyes envisioned my loved one by my side, concerned and filled with
 He held me in his arms, and whispered, "I Love You."
 He kissed my tears away, and I was no longer blue
 Gently, kissing my lips, he sent a warm sensation through me, and my body
 And I thank God for having survived.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Son, I miss you - oh, so much!
All these years, you've been so far away - so out of touch
It was so heartbreaking for the both of us when they came and took you away from me, and you became a Ward-Of-The-State
The lies that you heard about me from your Father and a few others, your feelings for me are probably filled with hate
I have always loved you since the day you were born
You not being by my side - leaves me feeling so forlorn
What you must have gone through - seeing your Father abuse me
You were so filled with fear when he would hollar and leave me bruised - crying in agony
I pray to the good Lord every day that I will have a chance to see you and hold you in my arms before I die
Hopefully, when you see me and I take you back into my life, you will never say good-bye
I hope and pray that you still love me and hold a special place for me in your heart
Someday, in the future, we won't have to be so far apart.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I graduated from High School when I was Eighteen years old
I had received my Diploma which was like a treasure of Gold
I could not attend College because my Family was down and out
My life was full of hardships - as for my future - I was always in doubt
As I grew older, I could never keep a Job because of problems with my health
I have grown up not knowing the menaing of the word - Wealth
I struggle each day with the pains that I feel within
There are times that I wonder - if I ever will win
I have always had firm belief in God, and I turned to Him in prayer
He reaches out His arms to me when I am filled with despair
I could feel my body being healed with His Almighty power
The tingling sensation so fresh - like a cold morning shower
With God by my side, I ventured out to achieve my goal in life
Every day, I am filled with Inspiration - there is no more heartache and strife
I no longer have doubt of my future - I have completed the Course of my choice
Data Entry has always intrigued me, so I followed His beckoning voice
With Certificate in hand, and renewed pride in my heart,
I thank the dear Lord for helping me make a brand new start.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I have a Sister, who is four years older than I
I love her so much that I could cry
When we were younger and growing up together
She would walk by my side, and help me through the stormy weather
She was concerned for me, and loved me with all her heart
When she became sixteen, she got Married, and we were torn apart
It hurt me deeply, and I felt so all alone
In my room - with no one to hear my silent moan
My Mother and Father gave me the comfort and support I needed
My Family deeply loved me, I was never mistreated
My Sister and I kept in touch with letters, expressing words of love
Every day, I pray for her to the good Lord up above
As the years go by, I think of the good times we used to share
She does not write as often, perhaps she does not care
In the future, I pray that we get a chance to talk about our younger days
And try to find out why we went our seperate ways
She will always be here deep within my heart
Perhaps these words of love will nurture a brand new start
She's been a special person in my life - no matter how far apart we may be
I love you Sister, and my door will always be open - if you should ever choose to visit me.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Exploration has always opened Avenues of Commerce for Humanity
The Accomplishments that comes from exploring is followed by vanity
In the future, these opened Avenues will stretch from the Higlands of the Moon to the Plains of Mars
While amidst this fascinating Atmosphere, you will observe the bright array of Stars
More than Four Billion Years ago, Planetary Scientists believe that Mars might have resembled Ancient Earth
We, ourselves, should do more Research on all the Planets and find out about their Birth
It could be so astonishing to discover the deep hidden secrets of outer Space
We may come to find that beyone our World, there is no Human Race
What is our World about to face? What is going to be the Final Frontier?
No doubt, there will be a lot of confusion, deception, and fear.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Everywhere I go, I encounter a Maze of Smoke
It is so Lung-consuming, it causes me to choke
I am a Non-Smoker, and it seems though there is nowhere to turn
The thickness of it in the Air causes my Stomach to churn
On the Buses and in the Restaurants, are Non-Smoking areas - what a relief!
I have Bronchitis and Asthma which causes me a lot of grief
I thank God that I never started smoking - it is a Cycle that seems to never end;
Continuous Smoke blowing in the Wind
Smoker's Lungs cry out in pain - "We are slowly dying!"
Millions of Smokers have tried to quit, but, find it difficult, so they stop trying.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Winter is a time of Year with howling Winds and drifting Snow
At Christmas Time, you see Shoppers scurrying to and fro
The Birth of Jesus, gives us a warm feeling in our hearts
The Guardian Angels keep watch over Him as each new day starts
It's a Time of Heraldry and good Cheer
Always remember - our good Lord is near
Sit by your Fireplace and keep nice and warm
You hear the Weather Report: "another vicious Storm!"
You put your hands together and Pray for the Lord to keep us safe
The Bears don't have to worry - they stay hibernated in their Cave
The freezing Temperatures - sometimes below Zero
Don't venture out unless you think your a Hero
The Roads are very slippery - all covered with Snow and Ice
Don't get in an Accident! Don't hit a Pedestrian - you'll pay a high Price!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

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