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On this page, I am displaying several selections of my Poetry and Songs.  All my Material are my Sole Property and are all Copyrighted in my name.  If anyone is interested in working with any of my Material, please contact me on my Contact Page on this site.  Thank you!

This is a bleak day for me, my World is crashing down
I cannot bring myself to smile - I am wearing a frown
My patience is lost - I'm shaking all over
I need some good luck - I'll get out my four leaf Clover
Why does life have to have it's ups and downs?
I feel like I'm amidst a circle of Clowns
You can see the tears that roll down their faces
They are wearing frowns and unaware of what their World embraces
I could scream and I could shout
I wish I knew what happiness is all about
Pacing back and forth on my Kitchen floor
Hopefully, my future will be wealthy instead of always being poor.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

This Poem is dedicated to my Mother - Marion H. Warren
I'll always remember the tender loving arms that held me so tight
I would look into her eyes that glistened ever so bright
Her smile was always so warm and filled with glee
My eyes surveyed her face which the Lord has blessed with radiant beauty
She always gave me the comfort and support that I've needed
When it comes to being a good Mother, she definitely succeeded
Our table always had an abundance of food on it - I never experienced hunger
I remember her outstretched arms helping me take my first steps when I was younger
When I became older, and I started attending School,
I grew up learning that the outside World can be so cruel
My Mother would always reassure me that there would be brighter days ahead
As the years rolled by, I'll never forget the tears that I shed
When I went to her with my problems, and was full of despair,
She would always give me such tender loving care
When I call her on the phone, she's so happy to hear my voice
If I had to choose the most important person in my life, my Mother would be my choice
I will always include her in my daily prayers
She speaks to me with tender words, and lets me know she cares
She's always been my guiding light
Like a beacon in a dark and fearful night.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I'm all excited, my heart is beating fast - like a speeding Locomotive humming down the tracks
I'm in love, and I'm enjoying all my sweet snacks
My true love's kisses are lucious - like Chocolate-Covered Candy
Our relationship is everlasting and everything is fine and dandy
He is my dream come true
With him by my side, my worries are few
We walk hand in hand along the garden path
and intake the sweet essence of the Buttercups - in the Lake, they are taking their bath
We share our precious moments together - every single day
We make a wish upon a Star and look at the beautiful Milky Way
Holding each other tight, we keep each other warm - into the night
We thank the Lord each day for being our guiding light.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

When the World can live as one, regardless of their Race
We can open up our minds, and learn at a quicker pace
Discover new and different ways to lend a helping hand
Both here at Home and also in a distant Foreign Land
Russia has become our Friend, Germany dropped her wall
Amazing trends are taking shape, so let's get on the ball
The Colors that my eyes have seen, the Amber waves of Grain
Fields of lush shining Emerald Green, that sparkle in the rain
So many things we all can share if we just try to care
Hatred never has been fair, nor the ignorance that we bear
America stands for all that is good, at least we think it should
If we can open up our hearts - it could, don't you think it would?
America belongs to all of us, the rich - the poor - the White and Black
The Pilgrims wanted Freedom for everyone - they never did look back
They shared their first Thanksgiving - Freedom for one and all
The planted Tree of Freedom stood so tall - too bad it had to fall
Diseases spread throughout it's roots, racist was it's Name
Nurtured by the Rains of discrimination, oh, it's such a shame.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

You can envision two people in love - their worries are few
They're surrounded by a radiant Nimbus of swirling Gold and Celestial Blue
The lovers embrace, rapt in mystic communion with each other
Above them in the Midnight Sky, they can see an Eagle hover
The Couple lets their passion carry them on love's soaring wings
They feel the contentment - that their love for one another brings
Tonight, the spark that flickered on the day their eyes first met, burns brightly in their Souls
Their love is oh, so beautiful, a pleasure to behold
Swept up in the emotion and safe in the bliss of each other's arms
Gazing, blissfully, into her eyes, he is in a dreamscape - captured by her charms
Forever, they will envision this moment together
Their love will endure through both calm and stormy weather.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

The Spirit of the wild soars on the wings of majesty
He drifts gracefully over lofty Mountains and the beauty of the Sea
As the solitary Eagle soars in visions of grace and freedom with it's "wings of power"
His  Silhouette, like a fleeting shadow on the cloudless Sky - a clear Blue Tower
The dramatic descent of the Eagle as he prepares to land
You are held in awe at his majestic flight - so grand
His strong Talons grasp the weathered perch
Silently, awaiting his enemy - ready to lurch
Explore the Realm of the Sky on the wings of it's Master
His presence is truly a divine Inspiration to the Soul which is beating faster.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Each night for the past two months, you have had the same dream, and you let the sweet dreams slip into your slumber
You toss and turn from the spell you are under
In your dream, you stand near the Forest's edge, bathed in the Moon's Silvery light
You hear sounds of an Animal's fight
Then, from the mist-filled Treeline, they appear
Your body is filled with a sense of fear
The Wolf Spirits, led always by a Leader
Gazing impatiently as he perceives her
Silently, they pass you, then stop
The Leader looks back as if beckoning you to follow
All sounds you hear are so hollow
Without hesitation, you fall in behind them as they wind their way to a Mountaintop
The White Wolf slowly begins to shimmer and glisten in the Star dappled Night
That is shining flourescantly on everything in sight
As the White Wolf mystically transforms into a Spirit of White light and shimmering Crystal,
He raises his noble head back and calls out to the Night.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I do not smoke, drink, or take Drugs - I just love to eat
I cannot end a day without having a special treat
Food can get to be an addiction if I let it control my mind
I detest looking in my mirror - looking at a large behind
I get so disappointed, because I can no longer fit into my smaller size clothes
I am drowning in all my sorrows - I can no nonger bend over and touch my toes
I exercise and do a lot of walking, but, it does not do any good
I try to conquer this problem that comsumes me, but, I don't want to give up my Food
I realize that there are low-fat and fat-free Foods sold in the Store
I have come to find, that it costs so much more
I believe that the chore in life for me is to lose this weight
I will have to try much harder to put less Food on my plate.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Solitaire is a Card Game that is easy to play
I find it so enjoyable, I play it Night and Day
Because of my Disabilities, I cannot work at all
With the two Steel Rods in my spine, it's difficult to stand tall
Every day, I pray for strength to be able to wash the dishes
My health is failing rapidly - I hope that God will grant my wishes
I get depressed a lot and look for something to eat
I am so weak and in a lot of pain - I need to get off my feet
After resting awahile, I get out of bed, read a Book, than watch TV
I don't have many Clothes - I wish I could go on a Shopping Spree
I do not venture outside because I'm isolated with my fears
I spend every day shedding a lot of tears
I try not to let things get me down, so, I go back to playing Solitaire,
And sit here and think - life is so unfair.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Everything in our World is changing at a much faster pace
Earth is revolving a Billion times in it's life - what a fascinating Place!
Water is the main Liquid that almost takes up the entire Globe
Our Scientists explore the Comets and send up a Throbe
We are always breathing in different Toxins and Gases
Outer Space is enthroned with Galaxies and big Stone Masses
The Stars that illuminate a shining light
Are Wonders that are fascinating to your sight
At times, the Sky explodes with loud thunder
Bringing Lightning, Flooding Waters from the Heavens above - leaving everything asunder
Of course, we cn't leave out the rays from our glorious Sun
God is our Creator - He has been with us since the first sign of life had begun.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Every Poem has a meaning of it's own
In America today, the number of talented Poets has grown
The Poet - with feathered Pen in hand - writes down their thoughts whether they be happy or sad
When their Poem gets approved for Publication, it makes them very glad
The "Sound of Poetry" which begins with a Symphony Orchestra is a Cassette
It contains some of the finest Poems with sweet memories that you never want to forget
The outstanding Poets receive Recognition with Awards and Plaques
The beautiful Anthologies that contain the best of Poems, the Poet displays on a Bookshelf - like some of their Knick-Knacks
Like a Butterfly, Poetry and Verse have beauty within
Enter a Poetry Contest - you have an excellent chance to win1
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Why can't we smell the Flowers, when Winter finally comes?
The fresh Bouquets of Roses, the Daffodils and Mums
The fragrance fills the air we breathe, traveling through our lungs
Intoxicating sweetness, nurtured by the Sun
It's sad to see the Summer gone, and Winter moving in
The Flower Beds are all dying, it seems like such a Sin
I try to think, on cold, bleak Days, that the Flowers are within
I close my eyes and see them there, swaying gently in the wind
The Frost is on the windows, the Flowers are on my mind
Tenderness engulfs me, the Visions are so fine
I smell the fragrance once again, like Grapes upon the Vine
All the different types are there, growing in a line
So, when the Summer passes by, and Winter finally comes,
Lock the memories in your mind, of Daffodils and Mums
Of all the special times you had, when you were having fun,
And the Frost upon your window, will sparkle in the Sun.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

"Ring those Bells of Freedom - lud and clear!"
 Let there be Peace among all Nations, and make hatred disappear
 Let us all stand in one big circle and hold one another's hand
 We will see a brighter horizon and a better Promise land
 Free all the hostages and Refugees that have been chained in isolation
 Everyone is created equal - bring them all out from the dark World of desolation
 Freedom of Speech gives tham and the rest of the World a right to be heard
 Freedom of Truth and Justice is opened up to all of us, so let us follow in Jesus's
 path and our Souls will be free to listen to His true word
 Freedom of Religion is an essential part in our lives
 Let us stand up for what we believe in and pray that our World revives
 Let us all open our hearts to the Lord and answer His call
 Thank the lord for all the bountiful Gifts which He bestows upon us and prepare  
 ourselves for that special day when our Souls will be free - one and all
 The pursuit of happiness we will obtain if we fulfill all of our righteous deeds,
 And the Lord will Award us with His everlasting Love, and be Merciful to all our 
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I'm sitting here at home, just staring into Space
Millions of tears rolling down my face
I've been very sick and feeling awfully weak
Every day for the past two weeks, has been very bleak
Hour after hour, I sit and contemplate
What does the future hold for me - "What will be my fate!"
I've got to conquer my fears before it's too late
I believe in God - I don't want to be the Devil's bait!
I read my Holy Bible and sometimes say the Rosary
I go to Church every Sunday to worship God, reverently
I Pray - "Lord, take me out of my misery."
My health is failing, please be my remedy!
I'm usually a strong, determined person - never gives up
My attitude is changing, I've run into some bad luck
My Epilepsy is getting worse, I'm finding it hard to survive
Everyone, please pray for me, that I can revive and stay alive!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

 You can hear an awful whistling sound
 You can feel some vibration of the ground
 Your body begins to shake with fear - what is it?
 An Earthquake?
 You hear the roaring sound of a speeding Locomotive - what protective
 measures should you take?
 The sounds get louder and feel so near - you run to look our your window
 To your amazement - you can see that it's a raging Tornado!
"Oh my gosh!" "What a sight to behold - all the flying debris!"
 There goes a House blown off it's foundation - what a tragedy!
 You need to run to a safe place in your House
 Go to the Basement - away from all windows and flying glass
 Cuddle together and Pray with your Children and your Spouse
 You sit there shaking - hearing the intensity of that Monster Storm
 Wrap yourself up in a blanket and try to stay warm
 After awhile, all the terror is finally over and done
 There's been a lot of damage - you've lost and that Monster has won
 It's astonishing - how a big, dark Funnel Cloud can pick up everything in
 it's path
 A lot of people suffer because of something so filled with Wrath.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

The walls are closing in around me!
I feel so crushed with emotion, I'm too blind to see!
Crying out loud - "What will be in store for me!"
Every day, I go through such pain-staking agony
Lord, please give me patience - my nerves are so tense
The Bills are piled high - everything nowadays, is such an expense
All I have in my wallet is twenty-five cents
My life is a mystery - it keeps me in suspense
My head is throbbing, I can't endure this agony anymore!
Shedding some tears, I cried - "I no longer want to be poor!"
I feel so depressed - everywhere I go, I find a closed door
My body is so weak, everything seems like such a heavy chore
I will continue to Pray for strength and contentment with my Lord,
And my future will be brighter - His gift of Love will be my reward.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Woodland Creatures scurry to and fro
Chipmunks chatter, Blackbirds crow
Leaves are turning - deep Reds and Browns and Gold
The signs of oncoming Winter's bitter cold
Dewdrops linger on the Moss - frozen Crystal Flakes
Frost begins to lace the Ponds and nearby shallow Lakes
Cold crisp air begins to blow - bringing with them Malards and the Drakes
Beauty overwhelms this Land like special Icing on a Cake
Some Trees stand stark naked - stripped of all their leaves
Sugar Maples take on new life before the Winter Freeze
Intermingled leaves float gently down on a cool, crisp Autumn breeze
Scattered leaves roll with the Currents in the air tugging at the Trees
No other Season can compare with the life that does abound
Like busy Squirels gathering Nuts in the Trees and on the Ground
Colored leaves blown by the wind - piled up in a swirling mound
And the unmistaken call of the Canada Geese as they make their mating sound
Brisk breezes blowing in the Autumn wind
Woodland Creatures make haste to burrow once again
The Foliage turns brilliant Hues of Colored Lace
And the Ducks and Geese take refuge in their familiar stopping place.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

We call ourselves the Human Race
As though we are running to keep up the pace
We must be better than those abroad
Too many are so convinced, that they know not God
Though we are vast and so diverse
So quickly, we are prone to point and curse
Once we walked along a City Street
We'd give a nod and smile to a Stranger we'd meet
Not so long ago, we would mingle with the Crowd
We now avoid to venture forth - we don't stand so tall and proud
Those evil forces are tearing at the very Foundation
That made America the strongest Nation
We were, we are, we always will be
The Land of opportunity and Home Of The Free
Those that oppose us and tell us we're wrong
Will wallow in sadness, and sing a new Song
The Eagle will soar high towards the Mountains above
The purest White Dove - Olive Branch in it's Beak, returns with Love
The price to be free has always been high
But, we've never seen Bombs falling from our Sky.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

The Daffodil's Trumpet heralds in the Spring
The Poets's Narcissus has a strongly fragrant Flower
With a pure White outer ring
The Center of this Flower is as pure as Winter's falling Snow
Why than, so short a Time, before it has to go?
Perhaps it is a prelude to the better things to come
Alluring fragrance in the air - as the Bees begin to hum
So quick a Growth, and than they fade away
Their Perfume permeates the air as though they want to stay
The Diamond Pearls of Morning Dew kiss so tenderly
And the beauty of her Golden Trumpet beckons Birds and Bees
Although you stay so short a Time, and than begin to fade
We thank you for the pleasures you've given us each day
Their Perfume permeates the air as though they want to stay
So quick a Growth, and than they fade away.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

When you are in Puberty and becoming an Adult
A lot of heartache and strife is the result
While in High school, your Subjects, are: English and Geometry
Some Students work extra hard and go on to get a College Degree
Most of our Teenagers take Drugs and drink Alcohol
They argue with their Parents which results in a Family Brawl
None of them have a good outlook for the future at all
And they go on in their lives like a bouncing Rubber Ball
The serious Crimes they commit, such as: Murder and Drug Addiction
For their Punishment, they serve the Sentence given them
After awhile, it seems like being in an Insane Asylum
As they lay there, day in - day out - year after year
Thinking about what has been done and their lives in constant fear
They wish they had not lived a life of Crime
During their Punishment, they have lost all aspects of Time.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I'm tired from working all day
I accept my sacrifices come what may
All I can see are dark, cloudy Skies
My lids are geting heavy, and I have "sleepy eyes"
I lay down to rest for an hour or two
When I awake, I'll take my shower and feel refreshed and anew
Mmm, I'll have Steak and Potatoes for Dinner
Followed by Dessert, a Hot Fudge Sundae - that's a Winner
Okay! I'm ready to dance the night away!
I'll call my Friends and go to a Nightclub and make them pay
I'll enjoy their company and cherish the good times we shared
My future - I'm not sure what it pertails, but, I'll do my best to get myself prepared
Tomorrow, I'll go back to Work - I have to, to survive
My health is failing - I'm finding it hard to stay alive
I'm so tired of this everyday routine - my heart cries
Once again, my lids are heavy, and I have "sleepy eyes."
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

What is happening to our World? It has taken a change for the worse!
All the evil and destruction taking place seems like such a curse
Millions of God's Children are beaten and badly abused
Something has to be done to help these small Victims - who's bodies are severely bruised!
Both Parents have to Work to support their Family
The Children feel so unloved and filled with apathy
There is not enough respect shown to the ones who deserve it
They lose their self-esteem and well being, so they become desperate
Our Teenagers feel so insecure that they turn to Drugs
They soon turn into mindless, violent, Thugs
They don't care about an Eduction, they have chosen a long and rocky road
They need support and Counseling to help them shed their heavy load
Everyone! we must take out time to Pray to the good Lord up above!
Let there be no more Violence or Murder, but a World in a binding Love
We must Pray for our Children, Young and Old - wherever they may be,
And that all of us can live as one, in Christ our Saviour, in Peace and Harmony!
I am disabled, but, with God's Grace and Mercy, I can climb a flight of Stairs!
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

My singing Cowboy is tall, handsome and ever so kind
He's got the hottest Country voice you'll ever find!
With Guitar in hand, singing his Country Song, "Can You Feel Me"
Receiving a big applause from the audience at "Stables" Country Night Club in Indy
Wearing his Leather Cowboy Boots, he travels o'er the Land
Getting a chance to perform with a famous Country Band
He's performed at The Nashville Palace in Nashville, Tennessee
Loved by everyone, he sings their favorite Melody
He's the new voice of Nashville!
When you hear him sing, up and down your Spine - you'll get a Warm chill
All ears are opened to his smooth, captivating voice
Among all the Male Country Singers, he is my choice
He wears a Belt Buckle with the Initials R & B
It was his Father's whom he loves dearly
My singing Cowboy will be my favorite til' the end of Time
Someday, I will dance with him - I will feel so sublime.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

My true Love is big and strong
In my eyes, he can do no wrong
Ever since the day he went away
I have been missing him more each day
He sends me Love Letters which inspire me
I'll be glad for the day he is free
To return to his Girl who's been on fire
And whom is also his heart's desire
We have known one another for a few years
And in that Time, I have cried some tears
Hopefully, the day will come when he is back in my arms to stay
And never again will he go astray
I love him so dearly, he is so kind
We will be together and happiness we will find
I know he loves me just as much
That's why we make sure to keep in touch
I feel he is my everything in life
Through all my hardships and my strife
He gives me a call which brightens my day
It's a shame that he is so far away
I have had a lot taken away from me in my life
Him being far from me - cuts like a Knife
My heart bleeds for him and cries out these words - "Please come
back to me my Love," "And be my shining light from up above."
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Hear the Birds singing? Be happy - don't shed a tear
While driving along the Highway, you're apt to see a few Deer
It's so heart-warming to see the Animals nurturing their Young
The Parents are so proud because a new Birth has sprung
I love to watch the fancy Colored Butterflies flapping their wings in flight
As for the Owls - they sleep during the day and stay awake at night
Sometimes, Nature can seem to be very cruel
When you catch sight of a pair of Wolves in a vicious Duel
The Universe - in all it's splendor with thrashing waves and rippling Streams
It's Inhabitants, such as You and I - need to save our World which has already gone to extremes.
By Shirley Ruth Caron

I met a wonderful Man about seven years ago
We became good Friends, which inspired our Ego
His name is Michael and he's kind and polite
All these years, he's been my guiding light
The times we've been together are happy and fulfilling
When we travel around the World, the sights we see are so thrilling
As we sit at Home and watch TV, sometimes play Records and dance
While we hold each other close, the Room is filled with the essence of Romance
We have gone through some hardships and sometimes we feel Blue
No matter how bad things may be, our Love for each other will always be true
Someday, in the future, I plan on becoming his Wife
And we both will share a rich and abundant life.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

We have no Transportation, my Husband and I have to walk everywhere we go
Our days seem so dreary and our nights are Black - the Stars don't even glow
We are weary, our last bit of strength is gone
While lying in bed, we say our Prayers and wish for a bright, new Dawn
Our Prayers have been answered, it's a beautiful, sunny Day
We give thanks to our Lord - we know - He will show us the way
It's a hot Day, the scorching Sun is beaming down upon us
Breathing heavy from the heat, we stop to buy something to drink and take time to focus
When our Funds are much better, we'll buy a Car
A lot of the Prices are so high and are so bizarre
For now, we are doing our best to survive
We thank God every day for being alive.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Love is all that really matters in a World so full of hate
When we see so much decay, it need not be your fate
As we are trying to see through tear soaked eyes the Grass that is never Green
So much goodness still prevails and so much beauty to be seen
Although, I may view a Tree with twisted Limbs and Color Gray
I see a Haven for Woodland Creatures - in safety they can stay
The Grass that many see as Green, we find so many Hues
Velvet Moss and Emerald Green, scattered Lavendar and misty Blues
There are so many wonderful sights in this great Land of ours
The Golden Sun and Pearl Drop Rain, add lustre to the Flowers
Life can seem so much brighter when hatred is pushed aside
Complexity in Human Nature is difficult to abide
When clouds are dark and heavy, I close my eyes and envision you and much better things
Flowers swaying in an Amber Field - Birds on high with Snow-White Wings
We all know times when muscles tense and hatred intervenes
But, we fight these inner feelings and search for brighter Greens.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I used to walk the Garden Path
With a smile upon my Face
I'd sit and watch a Sparrow take a Bath
In an Ornate Marble Base
I see the Flowers, large and small, that were grown with loving care
Colors blending - Reds and Blues - like an Artist with his Brush
The Stones along the Pathway - so natural, yet, so bare
Loose Pebbles underfoot - with each step - you feel them crush
Along the Path, I used to walk, at that time, all alone
No one to share the beauty, no one to call my own
You came into my life, and now, you walk by my side
The Flowers now are standing tall, as though they have a built-in pride
I see these things much different now, more vibrant than before
Their fragrance fills the air, intoxicating sweetness to behold
You've led me down that Garden Path, I love you, and you, I adore
Such memories to remember from the Stories that have been told
I missed so much along that Path, before you came along
Your voice is so sweet and tender, your love for me, is oh, so strong
I often walk that Pathway now, and break out in a Song
With you right here by my side, I know, I can't go wrong.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

You've just been happily Married and swept off your Feet
Making Plans for a brand new House will make everything complete
Your loving Spouse has kept it a secret all this time
Your charming Husband has given you another Kiss - you can hear those Bells chime
You both go on your Honeymoon to the Poconos
You both went skiing and your entire body has froze
After enjoying the Snow-Covered Mountains with their majestic Peaks
You go to the Honeymoon Suite and cuddle together and get warmth to those Rosy, Cold Cheeks
After the Honeymoon is over and headed back to your Home Town
You think about the Wedding - him in his Tux and you in your Satin, Lace Gown
When you arrive at your destination - it's so beautiful - you could scream
He carries you over the Threshhold and you both think - "home sweet home"
He looks into your eyes and tells you - "Darling, I'm glad to have fulfilled your dream."
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

I've always been determind to reach my goal in life
I wish I had not gone through so much heartache and strife
I am a Perfectionist.  I get upset when I make an error
I enjoy writing Poetry, it's a fascinating Endeavor
I have several Awards, Plaques and Certificates of Merit of which I am very proud
I have such high esteem - I want to shout out loud - "I climbed the Mountain and made it to the top!"
Even though, there's a thousand foot drop
I must be careful not to slip and fall
I would end up at the botton - that would not be good at all
No matter how difficult a Project might be,
I will always stand tall and walk with my Lord - He is my Destiny.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

It is essential that we take time to preserve our Forests
They are the Homes for our Wildlife and picturesque for our Tourists
The beauty and splendor of the Woodlands are so thrilling
In the Winter, when the Branches are draped with Snow, it's a sight that can be chilling
The Campers should observe the Rules of the Park
Watch those Campfires - they could cause a spark!
Fire can cause severe damage to the beautiful Trees
One little spark can catch from the Breeze
Take care of our Woodlands, the Glens, and the Glades
Such colorful sights shimmering Ghost-like in the Haze
We have to stop stripping the Home of the Deer
Or soon, they will vanish, of this I do fear.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

What does this word mean to you?
You might say - I don't care - my worries are so few
Millions of people - such as I - are Disabled and in a lot of pain
We go on in our lives feeling that we don't have much to gain
Some of us have so many problems - we can't keep score
Our bodies are so weak - everything we do is such a chore
Some of us are in Wheelchairs - our only means of getting around
We all cry out in distress, but, the World doesn't hear a sound
The Congress and State Agencies should open their ears to what we have to say
They close their doors and tell us to go away
All the Disabled need an answer from above
We need some outstretched Arms and people to show us love.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

Today, I feel depressed, and oh, so Blue
It seems as though the happy times are only a few
The Sky is so cloudy and Gray
I must venture out in the World - come what may
I am walking in the torrenturous Rainfall that is beading down from my Umbrella
I can hear the distant whine of a Copter's Propeller
Maintaining my thoughts, I try to avoid the Curbside Puddles that are so deep
I begin to shiver all over - my feet are wet and cold - I begin to weep
There are days that seem so endless - some of them filled with despair
Sometimes, everything becomes a Roadblock - I think to myself - I no longer care
It is a shame the way the people of the World can be so heartless and cruel
If I make a mistake, I feel like such a fool
It is times such as these, when I feel bewildered and blind
I know that with God by my side, it is happiness that I will find.
By: Shirley Ruth Caron

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